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Marketing your Product with Genz Marketing

Genz Marketing specialises in providing a range of industrial products for niche markets where price or latest technology provide a competitive edge.

Take a look at the products we currently promote.

Gel Connectors

Gel Connectors
View and Purchase our Gel Connectorsis sourced from the leading manufacturer and exporter of splicing connectors from Taiwan. View or Purchase Gel Connectors Online

Gentle Transfer Pump

Gentle Transfer Pump
With no damage of product the Gentle Transfer System (GTS), is suitable for the manufacture of a range of food products and other industrial applications. Info on Gentle Transfer Pump


We Promote Industrial Products

Perhaps you have invented a product and don’t know how to get it to market?  Or you Want to spend more time on developing your product whilst someone else markets your existing ones.  More Info on How We Promote Industrial Products